How Do You Express Your Creativity?

How do you express your creativity?


Do you paint or sketch?


Perhaps you dance, sing, or play an instrument.


Do you like to dress creatively, or change your hairstyle or colour often?


Maybe you enjoy decorating your home, office, or classroom. Or constructing furniture to fill that space.


Journaling and photography are also fantastic ways to express oneself.


If you have a creative soul like my Oma, you might enjoy quilting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, gardening, and baking!


Creativity with Team V


I myself have always tinkered in various creative ways. Sewing. Quilting. Painting. Drawing. Dancing. Singing. Playing piano. The list goes on.


The important thing is that I have learned to make time for creativity.


I allow myself time to express what is on my heart, even if it is as simple as scribbling a few emotional lines to document my feelings at a special point in time.


Naturally, my creative nature has flowed out of me and into the lives of our children. As we work and play alongside one another, they see the beauty in gardening, baking, painting our home, or creating songs with hilarious lyrics.


They too are immersing themselves daily in their own creative ways: building houses out of colourful magnetic blocks, painting abstract art, and of course, creating songs with hilarious lyrics!


Clearly creativity is contagious!


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How Do You Express Your Creativity?


So tell us, how do you express your creativity?


Use your passions to inspire creativity.  Be contagious!

Yvonne Vanderlee
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