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  • The Ultimate List of Back-to-School Supplies by Team V Education. Materials and Resources for classroom, e-learning, and homeschooling.

    The Ultimate List of Back-to-School Supplies for E-Learning and Homeschooling

    As online learning (“e-learning”) continues and becomes more popular, many families may be looking for resources to make learning at home easier and more efficient.   We’ve provided the ultimate list of back-to-school supplies for e-learning and homeschooling. Whether your child(ren) is learning in the classroom, online, or at home, you’ll find useful materials here. Related: Eclectic Kindergarten Curriculum that Supports Child-Led Learning Here at Team V Education, we have spent years as educators both in the classroom and at home, and have plenty of experience in regards to what works, and how to organize your learning environment for success. Together......

  • Easy tips to help kids overcome hate toward learning, and develop confidence in themselves.

    Help Kids Overcome Learning Struggles and Develop Confidence

    “My child doesn’t want to learn to read.” “How do I help them overcome learning struggles?” Does this sound familiar? Should you worry? Not just yet, because each child’s needs and interests are so monumentally different, PLEASE give yourself the freedom to let go of past expectations and to instead engage in the magic of learning as a natural process. I bought into the teaching propaganda I learned early on that the expectations I put on my own kids was driven by fear. Headlines pop up all over Google and Pinterest when you search for early learning support: “Read Before......

  • Valentine's Books for Creative Writing. Use these writing prompts to encourage kids to consider creative ways to express love to others. Team V's Top Picks!

    Valentine’s Books for Creative Writing

    The days surrounding Valentine’s Day are such a wonderful time of year to practice words of affirmation with children and to reestablish an atmosphere of love and kindness in their midst.  These five books are wonderful to read throughout the year, but are especially great to use as Valentine’s books for creative writing.     This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Team V Education!   I sought out to find stories that are beautifully illustrated and that provide an excellent framework from which children can develop creativity in their thinking and writing.   Use these writing prompts around Valentine’s Day......




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