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  • This collection of 30+ motivational quotes to inspire students, teachers, and parents was hand-picked to bring you the best!

    Motivational Quotes to Inspire Students, Teachers, and Parents

    This collection of 30+ motivational quotes to inspire students, teachers, and parents was hand-picked to bring you the best. Whether you are a teacher educating students in your classroom, a high school student looking for inspiration, a parent searching for a motivational quote for your mudroom wall, or a homeschool family wanting to display a quote in your home, you will find something to encourage the learners in your life. We have broken the following quotes into five broad categories: “It is a Gift to Learn,” “Press On Even When it is Difficult,” “Education Offers Opportunity,” “Teachers and Parents are......

  • Our children need home to be a retreat from the world around them. Discover how to help your kids feel safe and calm at home.

    Authentic Ways to Help Your Kids Feel Safe and Calm at Home

    “This right here: this is our safe space.  You are safe here and we always want you to feel that way.  This is where you can be honest and vulnerable.  You can ask questions and make mistakes.  We choose to treat one another with such love and respect, that home is always safe.” We were managing another growing pain: siblings learning to love one another. It was a tricky situation where it seemed that all were at fault and we needed to carefully speak to each child individually, hearing their angle and listening to their pain points and ultimately their......

  • The Ultimate List of Back-to-School Supplies by Team V Education. Materials and Resources for classroom, e-learning, and homeschooling.

    The Ultimate List of Back-to-School Supplies for E-Learning and Homeschooling

    As online learning (“e-learning”) continues and becomes more popular, many families may be looking for resources to make learning at home easier and more efficient.   We’ve provided the ultimate list of back-to-school supplies for e-learning and homeschooling. Whether your child(ren) is learning in the classroom, online, or at home, you’ll find useful materials here. Related: Eclectic Kindergarten Curriculum that Supports Child-Led Learning Here at Team V Education, we have spent years as educators both in the classroom and at home, and have plenty of experience in regards to what works, and how to organize your learning environment for success. Together......




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