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  • Valentine's Books for Creative Writing. Use these writing prompts to encourage kids to consider creative ways to express love to others. Team V's Top Picks!

    Valentine’s Books for Creative Writing

    The days surrounding Valentine’s Day are such a wonderful time of year to practice words of affirmation with children and to reestablish an atmosphere of love and kindness in their midst.  These five books are wonderful to read throughout the year, but are especially great to use as Valentine’s books for creative writing.     This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Team V Education!   I sought out to find stories that are beautifully illustrated and that provide an excellent framework from which children can develop creativity in their thinking and writing.   Use these writing prompts around Valentine’s Day......

  • DIY Pirate Swords are perfect for kids who love imaginary play and all things pirates, knights, and fairytales. These can even be made by using scraps of materials from around the home. A great child-led learning activity.

    DIY Pirate Swords for Imaginary Play

    Imaginary play is often the driving force behind our learning. Stories, drawings, and group play are all derived from the interests of our children. And lately pirates, knights, and fairies have dominated our play. I should have known that with creative kids like ours, DIY pirate swords for imaginary play were bound to happen eventually!     This is a simple yet engaging art activity that uses scraps of cardboard and various tapes and stickers to create a masterpiece that not only looks great, but is useful too.   Related: How to Recognize Creativity in Children   Here is how we......

  • Creativity is at the heart of our kids. They are a masterpiece of ideas, interests, and individuality. How do we recognize creativity in children?

    How to Recognize Creativity in Children

    Creativity is at the heart of each of our children. They are a masterpiece of ideas, interests, and individuality. With such diversity in their passions however, how do we recognize what creativity in children truly looks like?     Recognize Creativity in Children   See your child, or another little one in your life, and imagine them in their element.   What is it that they love? How do they express themselves?   Maybe they are building with Lego and designing a castle for the King and his family to protect them from the dragon.   Perhaps you see them......

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