Enjoy a Little Nonsense!

There has been plenty of nonsense going on around here lately!  Silly talk.  American Ninja Warrior chaos.  Babbling.  Running up the slide.  Climbing the railings.  Our three little adventure seekers have been exploring anything and everything that they can, and a great majority of it seems like NONSENSE to me!  And yet they exude joy and excitement throughout it all.   Take their advice.  Enjoy a little nonsense and wake up your brain cells!     COMING UP THIS WEEK ON THE PRUDENT HOMESCHOOLER   I am excited to share all about our fantastic 'colour hunt' at our local garden centre.  Armed with his clipboard and my...

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How do you express your creativity? Go ahead, and be contagious!!

How Do You Express Your Creativity?

How do you express your creativity?   Do you paint or sketch?   Perhaps you dance, sing, or play an instrument.   Do you like to dress creatively, or change your hairstyle or colour often?   Maybe you enjoy decorating your home, office, or classroom. Or constructing furniture to fill that space.   Journaling and photography are also fantastic ways to express oneself.   If you have a creative soul like my Oma, you might enjoy quilting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, gardening, and baking!   Creativity with Team V   I myself have always tinkered in various creative ways. Sewing. Quilting. Painting. Drawing. Dancing. Singing. Playing piano. The list goes on.   The important thing is that I have...

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The Delight of My Heart

Over the past year, my husband and I have grown in our relationship in ways that can only come with sincere awareness and dedication. From the very beginning of our relationship we have known that the Lord has called us to be husband and wife and to journey this life together. Various trials throughout our marriage have solidified our calling to work together for the Kingdom of God, and we have learned much in terms of loving and serving one another as Christ has called us to, as well as embracing what it means to sacrifice our own selfish desires...

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