Is wrestling safe for kids. Violence, rough play, and wrestling clubs - it's not what you think! How wrestling benefits children's development.

Is Wrestling Safe for Kids?

Is wrestling safe for kids?  Physically competing against another person can be very intimidating. Until recently, the idea of my child wrestling is something that had never crossed my mind.   I recently met a man who credits the success of his multi-million dollar business to the discipline and determination he acquired through years as a wrestler and wrestling coach!   During his wrestling clinic, I learned of his wonderful life journey and root for his wrestling passion.     Volunteering to Encourage Growth and Success   This coach shared that he loves the sport so much that he has been volunteering his time for years to get the...

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How to support physical activity in children. Is being 'physically active' enough, or is there more to P.E. education?

How to Support Physical Activity in Children

Being a physically active person, I know firsthand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Physical fitness, simply put, is a general state of health and well-being that allows an individual to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities without the feeling of exhaustion that may be felt by someone who lives a more sedentary lifestyle.   The Public Health Agency of Canada reports that people who are physically active live longer, healthier lives. Active people are more productive, and more likely to avoid illness and injury.     How Much Physical Activity Do Young Children Need?   Children aged 5 – 11 over the course of...

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Believe in the importance of free play in athletics! Can we begin to develop a growth mindset in children at an early age? And what is "executive function"?!

The Importance of Free Play in Sports

Free play is all the rave these days.     From unschooling methods to play-based learning, students all over the world are benefiting from this style of education.  But how can we bring this into our physical education programs?   Providing a structured environment for children when trying to teach them a new concept or skill is often seen as a good thing. Children know what to expect and can prepare themselves for a change in activities, and it allows anxiety levels to be maintained when working within a challenging task.   And yet, when it comes time for the physical education aspect of your...

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