Believe in the importance of free play in athletics! Can we begin to develop a growth mindset in children at an early age? And what is "executive function"?!

The Importance of Free Play in Sports

Free play is all the rave these days.     From unschooling methods to play-based learning, students all over the world are benefiting from this style of education.  But how can we bring this into our physical education programs?   Providing a structured environment for children when trying to teach them a new concept or skill is often seen as a good thing. Children know what to expect and can prepare themselves for a change in activities, and it allows anxiety levels to be maintained when working within a challenging task.   And yet, when it comes time for the physical education aspect of your...

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Learning about colors?! Participate in a simple, yet fun "Color Hunt" at your local garden centre! | Find more over at The Prudent Homeschooler

Little Gardeners Learn About Color as they Search for Plants/Flowers at their Local Garden Center

If you have little gardeners who adore all things colour and full of life, head to your local garden centre for a simple, yet fun colour hunt!   Gather Your Supplies:   Clipboard with Colour Words Listed Pencil Camera/Camera Phone (that you are willing to allow your child to manage on their own)     If your child is able and willing, have him or her print a list of the colours that they would like to search for. We love the book "Pantone Colors" for its fresh take on colour, and used it to spell each of the colours that we hoped to find!   With clipboard, pencil,...

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Growing a Garden with little gardeners. Embracing the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning by engaging our children's interests - dirt! Check out how we grew these gorgeous plants for our kitchen garden.

Growing a Garden with Little Gardeners

  Our children love dirt.   Honestly, they REALLY love dirt!   They love to sit in it, feel it, dig for worms in it, dump it, and shovel it.   On our less-than-an-acre plot of land, our children are farmers and they are proud of it.   So as I journey deeper into homeschooling our little ones, and explore with a Reggio Emilia approach to learning, I am discovering how to cater to their interests. And in this case, they are interested in dirt.   Related: Reggio Emilia, Child-Led Learning, and Unschooling   Growing a Vegetable Garden!   This year we added five more raised beds to our front yard garden. We now have eight...

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