The Delight of My Heart

Over the past year, my husband and I have grown in our relationship in ways that can only come with sincere awareness and dedication. From the very beginning of our relationship we have known that the Lord has called us to be husband and wife and to journey this life together. Various trials throughout our marriage have solidified our calling to work together for the Kingdom of God, and we have learned much in terms of loving and serving one another as Christ has called us to, as well as embracing what it means to sacrifice our own selfish desires to fully welcome the joy of parenthood!


This past year especially, as we have developed wonderful friendships with fellow believers, we have felt the joy of the Word as never before. We have gained such a love for the Living Word and for our Living God! As my husband and I continue to study together, we have been able to open our hearts and minds to promises that God has given each one of us, and we have seen again and again how deeply we are loved and blessed as His children.


So as we continue to delight in the words of the Lord, may we encourage you to do the same! May you truly embrace the joy gained in finding truth in the Word, and believe deeply that God has called you to great and glorious things. Trust that even when we feel small and insignificant that the Lord can work wonders with what ‘little’ gifts we have to offer. The Lord of hosts has called YOU by name!




I will be sharing about our homeschooling (ahem, homesteading!) adventures in growing vegetable plants from seeds. We are by no means experts; however, it is fun to learn alongside our children!


And later this week I will open up a piece of my heart as I share honestly with you my biggest struggle as a mama.



How have the words of the Lord been a joy to you recently? I would love to hear how you have been blessed in your journey.


Here’s to a joyful week!

Yvonne Vanderlee
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  • Rita Wiens

    Amen to a wonderful sister in Christ!! I too love spending time in the Word, learning and growing in my faith and truly understanding that deep and intimate love My Heavenly Father has for me. It’s so awesome to know that He died for me when I was yet a sinner and upon receiving His gift of salvation I am FREE in Christ, where He remembers my sins no more! Now I just want to share His wonderful love to others who can also be FREE in Christ!! John 10:10 He has come to bring us life and life more abundant!! Let’s be victorious Christians standing on the Word of God, for the Word is alive and powerful and sharper than a two edged sword!

    June 13, 2016 at 9:38 pm