Eclectic homeschool kindergarten curriculum for child-led learners. It is possible to find a balance between the two.

Eclectic Kindergarten Curriculum that Supports Child-Led Learning

There seems to be a growing trend amongst homeschoolers to identify oneself with not just one style of learning; however, to gather up bits and pieces of various learning styles and models to create this glorious masterpiece that we have come to describe as “eclectic homeschooling.”  An eclectic kindergarten curriculum allows the parent/educator and student to dabble in various learning styles to develop a feel for what is right! It is difficult to argue against taking the best of the best to guide the learning of our most precious little ones. Each one of our children, while most definitely created in the image...

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DIY Toddler Busy Board with peek-a-boo doors, latches, locks, and more!

Win Parenting with the Ultimate DIY Busy Board

A DIY Busy Board is a great way to introduce children to the art of tinkering.  With peek-a-boo doors, latches, locks, and more, this do-it-yourself gift is perfect for busy little hands.  Read on to see how it's done! As creative educators, we are continually searching for ideas that interest our children, capture their attentions, and meet their individual needs and curiosities. Having journeyed through toddlerhood now three times, we are finally recognizing that less is more, toys are not entirely necessary, and that these toddlers sure love to tinker! For example, for this upcoming Christmas, we were asked what our current toddler...

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Do you have a creative learner? This fun and open-ended literacy activity provides your child with the freedom to demonstrate their understanding of the alphabet in a creative way. Drawing the alphabet - try it out!

Drawing the Alphabet – A Child-Led Learning Experience for Creative Learners

As early educators, whether as teachers in the classroom or as mama teachers at home, I would be willing to assume that you are much like I am, constantly considering how to intrigue our children with various learning activities, and enticing them to move forward in their learning!   And as a mama who is passionate about child-led learning (or the “Reggio Emilia Approach” with which I often associate our learning style), I am beginning to understand the importance of providing materials and tools that can facilitate my children’s learning in a positive and natural way.     WHAT 'READING' LOOKS LIKE IN KINDERGARTEN   Our five-year-old...

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When the baby is screaming, the toddler is whining, and your kindergartener won't stop nagging, it is easy to want to quit. You NEED these verses NOW! Commit them to memory for those parenting days when you want to throw your hands up and scream! | The Prudent Homeschooler

20 Verses That Parents Need to Memorize NOW

  Yesterday was a TOUGH day.   You know the kind.   Where it seems that every single moment is filled with at least one child whining, crying, or screaming.   That day where honest-to-goodness you want to throw in the towel, lock yourself in your room, curl into the fetal position, and take a nap!   That day when you surrender and make yourself not just one homemade hot chocolate, but two, even though you know your belly will ache hours later because dairy just isn’t sitting well this pregnancy. But you MUST have that hot chocolate NOW (or coffee, or whatever it may be!).   That day where a...

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How to deepen your child's understanding of the world around them. Observe & document with children! Children seem to notice everything around them and share an excitement that can even be overwhelming at times. Use these tips for observation and sketching to help children to see and understand their world as it functions.

How to Deepen Your Child’s Understanding of the World Around Them

Is it just me, or do children seem to notice everything?   They notice the beauty of the leaves blowing in the trees on a windy day. They notice the fans spinning overhead in church, and pause in wonder at their speed.   They notice the flatbed truck 600 metres down the road and ask what it is carrying before you even recognize that a truck is approaching!   They recognize a change in your hairstyle, or that you wore a skirt today instead of pants. They recognize the intonation of your voice and become more deeply immersed in the story you are reading with them.   They recognize that...

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Looking for Preschool Curriculum, but not sure where to start? These three steps are your keys to success, and your bank account will ultimately thank you! | The Prudent Homeschooler

3 Keys to Success for Creating the Perfect Preschool Curriculum

The other day I shared a very short history of our family’s journey of how we came to homeschool our children, from beginning as classroom teachers, to attempting to recreate “school at home,” to fully embracing the belief that our children are designed to learn and do it naturally and in their own time. It has been years of adapting our philosophy of teaching to the apparent needs of our children, and simply being open to change, no matter how unchartered this new territory of education may be.   Together my husband and I believe that learning is natural, organic, and simply...

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End the struggle to create "school at home." Recognize that learning happens naturally with very little help from us! Learn to walk alongside your children as they soak in the world around them. | The Prudent Homeschooler

End the Struggle to Create “School at Home” – Preschool Home Education

Several weeks ago I shared loosely about our Kindergarten Curriculum choices, which I candidly referred to as “Un-Curriculum.” Despite both my husband and I having graduated from Teacher’s College and working within various school systems (Private, Private Christian, and Public), we have seen time and time again how children thrive when they are given the freedom to learn and explore on their own!   A CLASSROOM TEACHING CAREER   In nearly ten years of teaching we have used textbooks, paperwork, busywork, interactive lessons, group work, and all sorts of other methods with the goal of engaging classrooms of 20-30+ students to absorb material that...

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What does it look like to explore play dough for THE FIRST TIME?! Beautiful photos documenting a toddler's first experience.

Exploring Play Dough – A Toddler’s First Experience Through Photos

Toddlers experience so much in their lives through touch and taste. It never ceases to amaze me some of the items that make their way into our littles one's mouth: board books, table edges, sweater strings, zippers, and even flip-flops! While this behaviour is developmentally appropriate, I sometimes have to take a deep breath before stepping in to remove something surprising from his mouth. So while I have encouraged a great amount of open-ended play with our little man, as I have too with his siblings, I have been hesitant to offer play dough as a form of exploration. In my mind,...

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Do you ever have that terrible feeling where your home feels so disorganized that you cannot breathe? I definitely do, and then it leads to frustration in homeschooling, laziness in accomplishing other tasks, and an overall feeling of overwhelm! Follow these 5 Easy Tips to conquer the chaos and finally enjoy some peace at home. | The Prudent Homeschooler

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Keeping a Clean Home – 5 Easy Tips

As a homeschooling mom and aspiring entrepreneur, my life is nothing short of a daily race to the finish line. If wearing shoes was my thing (which for this farm girl it definitely isn’t), I would wear my sneakers to bed, just to be ready to hit the ground running in the morning! Since I’m being honest with you, the last thing I need when I come downstairs in the morning is to wake up to a messy kitchen, toys scattered throughout the living room, and paper clutter mounted high on our countertops.   Perhaps you can relate. Some weeks are just...

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Dear Mama who has worn through her jeans. You are a warrior! Embrace the reality of your battlefield and the truth of your mission. It is an honourable one. | The Prudent Homeschooler

To the Mama with the Worn Knees

Dear Mama with the Worn Knees,   You are a warrior!   Fighting battles on the ground.   You, who take the time to kneel before your little ones to look deeply into their eyes as they speak to you, you are molding hearts.   Your worn knees speak tales of maintaining composure and authority. They speak of daily intentional conversations as you raise hearts for the Lord and consider the future of your family.   Those knees may feel tired from playing alongside your young boy as he smashes his trucks in an effort to replay the demolition derby Daddy brought him to experience. As you engage in his...

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