To the Mama with the Worn Knees

Dear Mama with the Worn Knees,


You are a warrior!


Fighting battles on the ground.


You, who take the time to kneel before your little ones to look deeply into their eyes as they speak to you, you are molding hearts.


Your worn knees speak tales of maintaining composure and authority. They speak of daily intentional conversations as you raise hearts for the Lord and consider the future of your family.


Those knees may feel tired from playing alongside your young boy as he smashes his trucks in an effort to replay the demolition derby Daddy brought him to experience. As you engage in his play and recognize the worn patches at your knees, you realize how long it has been since you have purchased something for yourself. You have poured your heart and soul into this young boy, shouting for joy with him as he ‘fights’ an imaginary fire, covering his scrapes with bandages, carrying him into the bathroom to wash his filthy feet before dinner, and snuggling before bed with a delicious story in your laps. You devour his outpouring of love with a hunger that you could never have imagined before your life erupted with the joys of motherhood. You drink in the smell of his clean hair after a bubble bath. You aspire to give him anything and everything he could possibly need, and yet your own jeans are worn. You have set aside a part of yourself to give more of yourself to him.


Your knees are worn from building forts in the living room with your daughter. From playing ‘house’ and ‘kitchen,’ from shuffling across the floor at her level as you prepare a gourmet dinner of pancakes, strawberry yogurt, and syrup, affectionately known as “seerup.” As you kneel beside her, pretending to cut her pancakes, you admire the beauty that she is becoming. You recognize the way that she mimics your own efforts to prepare dinner, and catch a glimpse of the woman and mother she will one day become.


You see her young innocence and joy for life, and the way in which she fully welcomes you into her world. And as you embrace this moment of openness, you pray that you will always be welcomed without hesitation, and that her heart will forever be open to loving you. You vow to be present, on your knees, eye to eye, with this little girl who is growing too quickly. You see the importance of involving her in your daily activities, demonstrating to her the beauty of raising a family and serving them whole-heartedly. You want her to know that when the Lord places a longing and passion in our hearts for something, be it creative expression, teaching others, raising children, running a business, and so on, the joy of serving Him far surpasses any other endeavour.


Dear Mama who has worn through her jeans. You are a warrior! Embrace the reality of your battlefield and the truth of your mission. It is an honourable one. | The Prudent Homeschooler


Dear Mama, with the adventurous toddler who always wants to climb. You, who chase a squealing little one, both out of pure joy and deep fear, for he is often finding himself in interesting situations. You are amazing! The same jeans that were once your ‘going out’ jeans are now your ‘play-in-the-backyard’ jeans. They have weathered several babies now, many adventures, many ‘look-into-my-eyes’ conversations, and you still wear them with pride. There is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that your worn knees can easily be bought at a price in store, and yet you have earned that chic torn look on your own terms and in your own time.


Your jeans are worn from hours spent on your knees, thanking the Lord for each little blessing that falls into your life. From those moments in your room, door closed off to the world, crying out for guidance and trusting that you will be filled with wisdom. Your knees rest bare against the floor, jeans now worn completely through as evidence of your devotion to this mission field of mothering babies. You are fighting daily battles to provide the best of yourself to ensure the best for your children. Your uniform may be simple, it may be worn; however, it speaks volumes of the effort you put into your work. And even when your work goes unnoticed, the evidence is there: joyful faces pressed against yours in a genuine embrace, and those worn knees.


Oh the stories your jeans could speak of your strength. Embrace the reality of your battlefield and the truth of your mission. It is an honorable one. You hold the future in your arms each night as rock your baby to sleep. You guide the future each day as you walk hand in hand with that fearless, energetic child. And you mold the future as you encourage hearts and minds with your selfless engagement, on your threadbare knees.


Despite any outward appearance of weakness, you are the definition of strength.


Dear Mama,

Always remember that you are a warrior.

Go forth and be amazing!


Dear Mama who has worn through her jeans. You are a warrior! Embrace the reality of your battlefield and the truth of your mission. It is an honourable one. | The Prudent Homeschooler



Yvonne Vanderlee
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