Welcome to Team V Education!


We are a husband and wife team who are passionate about thinking and learning outside the box, or “outside the classroom,” if you will.  While we have a long history and upbringing in the school system, and the roots of our experiences run deep, we see learning and education as something much greater than what the system often provides.


Our philosophy of teaching and overall method of instruction has changed greatly since having children, and ESPECIALLY since deciding to homeschool. We do our best to take a child-led approach, and desire to inspire in our children a life-long love of learning.


“Team V Education” is really about providing teaching ideas and information for homeschooling families, parents, and creative educators. We intend to promote developmentally appropriate ideas and inspiration to help others approach education in a new and positive way.


We are here to invest our time and efforts into creating a community that inspires parents and educators to teach their children to love learning.


We trust that you are INSPIRED in our journey!


Engage and be blessed.


With Love,

“Coach V” and “Mama V” (Scott & Yvonne)